A popular item used by people for their cooling and heating needs is the electric heat pump. IF you compare a gas furnace to an electric heat pump, you will notice that the latter can save as much as 30% on your home’s heating costs. An added advantage is the fact that there is no danger of fuel leaks or poisoning because of the carbon monoxide.

Electric heat pumps can be classified in 3 important groups: geothermal, air source and dual fuel. The air source device is probably the most popular of them all. They, at their turn, can be divided into 2 important groups: packaged and split system heat pumps.

The packaged device is useful if you want the heat exchangers and the compressor to be placed outside your house, in which case ductwork will be used for heating your house. The split-system however is more flexible when it comes to installing it, because the heat exchanger and the air unit are actually separate from the compressor as well from the outdoor exchanger.

And now a few words about the dual fuel pump. It basically takes the role of the gas furnace, and thus makes sure that the heat circulates evenly throughout your house. The cost of a dual fuel pump is greater than of the others’, but have great advantages like efficiency and versatility. When choosing an electric heat pump, you must take the are that needs heating into consideration, as this is maybe the most important aspect that determines what type of device you need.