If you get the  blanketed version again there’s two  options of these heaters you can get the  standard naked version that has the  insulation all right built into the  heater and built into the form factor or  you can get the naked 3 blanketed  version which is a smaller form factor  we’re going to put the blanket  insulation on the outside but this is  what will be inside the carton and  you’re just going to open this up under  wrap in the bus this is in the box okay  and you just want to unwrap this if you  do cut it with a knife just be really  careful you don’t want to cut through  the blanket material you only want to  cut through the outside wrapping so be  careful about that but once you get this  opened up what you’re going to see this  is the actual blanket material itself  now again we talked about the  aftermarket with these there’s been a  ton of these throughout the year in the  aftermarket.

I would say that most of  them were kind of a little bit cheesy  pretty thin really didn’t have the are  factors but that’s really not what they  were trying to achieve there wasn’t a  magic number at that time that they were  trying to hit but now we are with later  three so engineering has put a lot of  effort into the blanket now what you’re  going to see here notice that we have a  three-inch fiberglass blanket notice  that we have a vinyl covering on both  sides now the cool thing about that is  it makes it extra durable right.

If this  has to be taken off for any reason  servicing or something like that this  can be taken off and put back on without  damaging the actual blanket so having  this vinyl on both sides is a really  cool factor plus you know if you’re  sensitive to the insulation material  makes you itch and stuff like that the  fact that this vinyl on both sides will  help control that I don’t know about you  I know that if I touch the stuff off in  three days it’s all over yeah it’s  everywhere this keeps multiplying so now  now you when you put the blanket on is  it going to be a problem if we have to  push it up against anything is that  going to affect the blanket that’s a  really good question we get that a lot  and people say well what.

If I don’t have  room for the blanket because it was a  pipe layer or its up against the wall or  something like that it’s not a big deal  the blanket itself is compressible you  can compress compress a specific area of  the blanket and still maintain the  insulation properties on the rest of the  blanket it’s not a big deal if you think  about it water heaters round right it’s  not square so when you slide it up  against the wall there’s not a large  amount of surface area there’s going to  be touching the wall we’re only talking  about you know maybe an inch contact  patch down the the vertical length of  the water heater so you can compress it  in that one specific area no big deal  okay so no problem at all so this comes  in a kit and you’re getting what I’m  assuming you’re getting warning safety  stickers you’re getting instructions to  yeah the blanket is going to be in two  pieces you’re going to get one larger  piece that wraps around the actual tank  itself then you’re going to get this  head piece that goes over the top again  we’re trying to control that stand by  heat loss as much as we possibly can  salinas heater as tight as.

We can you  also will get a set of instructions that  comes along with the blanket itself this  will kind of walk you through the  process of how to put the blanket on  there’s a you know a couple of pieces of  tape in there to help hold that thing  but this will walk you through all those  steps yeah it says they’re all the  safety labels are going to be  pre-applied they’ll be on them yep  they’ll be on the outside of the jacket  so all of those called warnings you know  Brad guy this you know in hot water and  hand burnt and all those kind of  stickers that we have to put on  today all those will be on the outside  of the jacket so when you put it on just  still maintain those stickers okay and  if you need help you can always call our  800 number would be more than happy to  help you out and kind of walk you  through the process.

If you’re having any  trouble or anything but let’s kind of go  over some of the the water heaters in  and you know kind of what’s changed and  what our options are yeah we talked  about form factor right form factor is  changing and this is where most people  tend to panic and they say well oh my  god the water heaters bicker I’m not  going to be a present same spot most of  the time it is not going to be a big  dealer I almost always that new naked 3  unit is going to fit in the exact same  place that the old one with a couple of  exceptions and if you just happen to be  in that one of those exceptions we have  some options there okay so don’t worry  about it but let’s look at the actual  form factors so we can kind of tell  exactly what is changing let’s look at a  50 gallon tall okay pretty standard unit  if you had a 50 gallon tall previous to  naika that unit would have been 54  inches height and 20 inches in diameter  let’s look at our first option here is  our 50 gallon tall this is our standard  naked 3 so the insulation is built into  the jacket okay that unit is 60 and a  half inches high 22 inch diameter ok.

So  we gained two inches there just a little  taller just a little taller water and a  little bit wider now we see our second  option notice that the one right under  that says blanket 50 gallon tall with a  blanket that one is 60 and a quarter  inches tall and 21 inches in diameter so  we’re getting a lot closer to that form  factor and again we’re just gaining that  additional installation on the outside  of the jacket as opposed to inside the  jacket the big thing to notice there is  again that 66 that 80 in that 120 those  are no longer going to be offered in a  standard electric that means you’re  going to have to look at heat pump if  you notice there’s a discontinued but  see II pump yeah and when you’re talking  about the 30 and the 40 now that’s not  going to be available with the blanket  in the top models in the tall model it  will go through the tall’s and shorts  and all the different ones  you’ll see which one has a blanket which  one of them don’t it’s not always a  direct replacement blanket non blanket  right but in most cases it is most cases  you need a blanket or non block because  bus the time when you have a tall water  heater you usually have enough room  around the heater and above the heater  right to make it work right so you know  what about the short bottles.