Getting chemicals in to try to fix your ants problems is never the best idea, for you and your family it could be very harmful in deed and in the end it might be fatal.
It is not good to have an infestation of ants in the home and it is not good to use chemicals to get rid of them also; ants can get anywhere and cause a lot of problem for everyone. It is the reason why you will have to find something that will stop your home from having the ant problems any more.

Remember not doing anything about an infestation of ants is not safe in the home at all, not for yourself, your children or your pets. Everyone can spend a lot of time and money on things that will not help the infestation and knowing what will help is needed to get rid of that big problem.The first thing which really should be tried is strong scented powders;they are usually herbs which have bad scents and odors to them which we can’t necessary smell but the ants can. That way, the ants will not come into the home or anywhere near your plants because they dislike the scent from the plants.Things such as sage, bay leaves, oregano, cinnamon, basil and even rosemary can help to stop your ant problems because they are all very strong in their scents and the ants will be repelled by them. Though after it rains, you will need to clean them thoroughly.

Try using some spicy powders because that will stop the ants from getting into your house things such as chili powder and black powder could really help a lot. Scented herbs can be a great help, it will be the spicy part of the powder which can stop the ants from coming to your home. With the spicy powder you can even spray this over your entrance ways and windows and take some chili powder and water and cover the areas which you believe the ants are getting into the home. It should be a past however so make sure you cover the areas with the paste.If you want to use a spray then just having water mixed with vinegar with a mix of fifty, fifty will help; just spray the areas which the ants are coming from and even spray across your countertops and windows.

This mix will have no chemicals and will be non toxic also so that any risk to you or your family is taken out the equation right there and then.You could try planting some outside and that will repel ants also and even keeping them out the home could be possible when you plant this outside the home. Mint is the key especially in the garden, it is a nice change and addition to the garden; the oil from the mint will repel the ants be stop being a problem for you.You might also consider Tansy, this really works how mint would but this is not as well known as what mint is but it will the same how mint works and it is very good to repel ants. You should put this near your windows and doors or any trouble spots around the home so that you will see the best decisions; just adding a few segments here and there would be great to help.