3 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug on Grandma

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  2. It’s ironical what he assumes is respect for life. Respect for life for me, respects my right to choose to die. As long as I can enjoy certain vital things that make life worth living, life is heaven. Conversation, a few sensual pleasures and demonstrating love, are vital to life. I intend to swim until the day I die and if I can’t, let me go, quietly, peacefully, to the silent land. If these beautiful things are withdrawn through disease or suffering, life is hell. And I would be hell, a burden, for the rest of the living world. I can’t bear that thought!


  3. I’m sure we all mean to say that disease and suffering to the point of giving up on life is subjectively determined. I think we mean that but it smacks of privilege to the less abled people who have lived with something their entire life. I know that’s implied. I just want it on record.

    I basically think that the moment you don’t want to live, a person is entitled to pack it in. A life worth living is a life worth living in a place that would want to have you. At least to the extent that satisfies an individual’s temperament.

    I don’t think anyone owes reality a halfhearted attempt at it. And folks who think I’m giving suicide a lot of respect can always help by giving our depressed friends more effort to find out how those people’s viewpoints might be improved.

    Suffering is self determined. And there are lives I’m horrified to learn people have had to live. Being decrepit through aging is just one of several good reasons for letting go. And people deserve the right to do that.

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