Teach Yourself Humanism, by Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon writes regularly for the Guardian, The Philosophers’ Magazine, TLS, Financial Times and New Statesman, alongside a range of business titles, including Management Today. He also broadcasts, notably on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London and has degrees in theology and physics from the Universities of Oxford and Durham.  He has recently expostulated that the Dawkins’ Revolution may have run its course and notices that God is still standing.

Teach Yourself Humanism Humanism is not a specific doctrine or a unified system of thought. Rather it is a tradition that starts in the Renaissance, gathers momentum during the Enlightenment, and becomes a key feature of the modern world. During this development it embraces a range of possible meanings, principles and practices. It is fundamentally an attitude or spirit that values learning, curiosity and imagination aimed at engaging with the questions … Read More

via The New Oxonian

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