Remembering the Fiasco of 2010. Anticipating the doldrums of 2012.

The New Oxonian

The elections are over. The election is upon us. Long live the Democratic Process! And a tip of the hat to the founding fathers, who in their prescience must have known that the fundamental metaphor for twenty-first century politics would be an endless and pointless NASCAR race.

Now we sigh deeply, wipe away a wanton tear, and try to adjust to the fact that barely two years after the election of Barack Obama (Hope, Change, Fired Up, Ready to Go) America has lost its energy, its nerve, and possibly its mind, and decided it wants to sit on the stoop and watch the civilized world (which it has just voted to quit) pass by for a spell.

Meantime, we will half-hear as the political assessors talk their heads off about what went wrong and whether Obama is listening, whether he gets it, whether the sting he…

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  1. RC wrote: “And nowhere in those letters does Paul mention Jesus having had specifically biological brothers. But he frequently talks about Jesus having adopted brothers: all Christians.”
    BM: where did Paul talk about Jesus having adopted brothers: all christians?
    Nowhere, as far as I know.
    But that claim is what makes the result of his Bayes theorem so much in favour of his mythicist cause.

    • Perhaps the real issue for Carrier as a scholar is that he makes things up. It is useless to take his single-theorem approach to the NT seriously when he discredits his assumptions with guesses and non-evidence in favour of them. Bernard is quite right on both counts: not once does Paul use a formulation remotely suggesting that all Christians are brothers of Jesus; the “in Christ” language of 1 Corinthians, is used to heal a specific schism in that Church and if anything refers to becoming incorporated in a mystical union. It is totally unsusceptible of Carrier’s interpretation.

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