Villanelle: The Book in General

God was the source and center of this love.

You were the wish he wished in Babylon

I was the soul he lost within the grove.


Some say that Huwa drove the man to move

Beyond the garden walls.  Some say that none

Thought God the source and center of this love.


And once cast out they found an obscure trove

Stock full of seeds. They sowed them one by one,

The souls that he had lost within the grove.


But it was beastly work, and though they strove

To finish it, the job was never done,

He was no more the center of their love.


They built a temple, built it high above

The ancient city wall where priests could shun

The souls that had been lost within the grove.


They made two silver gates in memory of

The garden God had planted neath the sun

When he was yet the center of their love,

Before the souls were lost within the grove.

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