A Further Wish


Love is pushing the last thing

You loved out the window

Of your memory. Falling

And moving like blowing sand

On a dark day, it happens

Not to bodies but to souls

Looking for a way to sense

The world without tools

Or avatars.  There’s no sadness

When souls fall, because we know

That’s how a soul fastens

Onto a world and how it goes

Back to heaven.  So, no surprise

That the soul I saw in you

Was my soul once: In my eyes

You saw a veiled life as a new

Possibility.  It took a touch, a laugh

a strange prophetic silence

to destroy the false book

I had been reading, in one glance.

We share this soul like the wind

Shares the earth: it breathes love

And moves us, until we find

Each other in it and can no longer move.



3 thoughts on “A Further Wish

  1. Thrice beautiful. Omnia… wish for everything or nothing at all. Blessed Irish, blessed: ‘May the sun shine, all day long, everything go right, and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true’. Again, your wish is soulfully beautiful.

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