The Rev Arjo Explains Dinosaurs


Dear Friend,

I thank God for your interest. This site has been developed by the Society for the Promotion of True Belief, Rev Arjo Bickmeister, CEO and Chief Apostle. I am assisted in this ministry by my lovely wife of thirty eight years, Brenda Hall Bickmeister and our adopted seventeen year old son and honor roll student, Brent. For more about me, see About Me.

So far as possible we want to address YOUR questions, so just knock and the door will be opened! I do not promise to have all the answers. That is not the way God made us. He made us limited according to his purposes and designs. We don’t know what those purposes and designs are. That is why we are limited.

I do know where to find most of the answers: in the Holy Ghost Inspired scriptures, the Word of God.

Most of the members of my congregation call me “Rev” or “Arjo.” I would like to know what people call you. Over time, we will get to know each other and then I will tell you how I got the nickname Arjo. It is a pretty funny story.

In each post I will answer one or two Bible questions. Never more than three because after that our attention begins to drift. When that happens we can’t focus on the things that are of God.

Today’s Bible Question comes from Rory, a sophomore student at Mississippi State University:

Dear Rev Arjo

Last week in my Biology class the professor said that dinosaurs and people did not walk the earth at the same time. I raised my hand and told him that, fair enough, the Bible does not mention dinosaurs but that if they lived, they walked along with people back in cave man days. God probably kept them out of the Garden of Eden, though. He keeps using big words like “Pleistocene” and “Jurassic” and “Paleolithic” when he answers questions, just to confuse us. Can you help?”

Rory C., Mississippi State ’15 (Go Bulldogs!)

Dear Rory:

First of all, pray for the wise for that they may have true wisdom.

The words your professor uses did not even exist until the 19th century or thereabouts. They were made up in the time of the atheist writer Charles Darwin to make people believe that human beings are “descended” from apes. They divided history up into periods and then made up fictitious (that is, non-biblical) stretches of millions of years long to separate one from the other. Why? Because they said evolution (that’s the theory your professor is teaching) needed a looong time to work.

After all, you can’t get from a tree frog to Charles Darwin overnight now, or can you? LOL.

Seriously. There is solid biblical proof for the existence of great reptilian beasts. In the Book of Job. Such a beast is Leviathan: “Can you pull in the leviathan with a fishhook or tie down his tongue with a rope? Can you put a cord through his nose or pierce his jaw with a hook? …Can you fill his hide with harpoons or his head with fishing spears?” (ch 41). He is also mentioned in Psalm 104, 74, and Isaiah 27 where it says God will punish him as a fleeing serpent. In other words, these creatures still exist in the seas, but on the last day God will bring them back onto dry land and destroy them. So great is our God.

The land-dwelling monsters or dinosaurs are also known in the Hebrew tongue as Behemoths, and they are also described in Job: it was created along with man (40:15a), and ate grass (40:15b), it has strong muscles and bones, and it lives in the swamps (40:21). From time to time they are sited, but there are not as many of them as there used to be. Their remains are almost always found in swamps, tar pits, or suchlike. Notice, the Bible specifically says they are created at the same time as Adam! I will send you that reference another time.

In biblical times the seas covered more of dry land–what we call continents– than today. This was as a result of the great flood described in the Book of Genesis, which is still receding today. It is true that many of Leviathan’s spawn have been found, and this proves that they walked upon the dry land and swam in the ocean in the time of Noah and before, just as the Bible says.

Do not let your professor jumble up the facts of the Bible record with big words. The next time he tries to convince you–and I’m sure you’re not the only Bible-believing Christian in the class–that evolution is true, just ask him the following three questions, firmly but patiently:

1. If evolution is “true” why is it still called a theory? Is it not an admission that its disciples know it to be a falsehood?

2. What is his written evidence for the existence of dinosaurs? After all, he may have the bones, but you have a book that describes them based on the reports of witnesses to the truth. In other words, the best evidence for when and where dinosaurs lived is the holy Bible itself.

3. Why does he wish to deny the evidence before him, for “the fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” Presumably professors do not want to be fools now, do they?

Get back to me when you have answers to these questions, and do not be discouraged if he treats you with contempt. After all, the followers of Jesus were rejected in their own time.



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