The Opposite of Religion?

The New Oxonian

  1. In a reply several weeks ago to my discussion of the hijacking of humanism by new atheist commandos, the Center for Inquiry’s John Shook—who is normally a responsible philosopher—says something very irresponsible. So irresponsible that I wondered for a minute whether this was the John Shook I knew and worked with for a couple of years at the Center.

    Or is it John Shook acting the part of point-man for the movement I have accused of gutting humanism of its core meaning and facilitating its co-option by hardcore sci-philes like P Z Myers and Jerry Coyne, abetted increasingly by formerly responsible voices like Ophelia Benson and the Richard Dawkins idol klatch.

    Shook writes that “Religion is the opposite of humanism.”  That opinion, even if it is not entirely private, is epically silly and as my teachers used to say, historically indemonstrable.

    It is true, of course, that in strictly rhetorical…

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